How It Works

Big residential projects are complicated enough without having to worry about clean up. So don’t worry – go Ninja. Ninja Bags, aka junk removal bags, are a simple and convenient way to get rid of waste from construction, yard work or odd jobs.

Step 1
Pickup your Ninja Bag at your nearest retailer.
Step 2

Set it up. Every Ninja Bag come with easy-to-follow directions of how and where to set up the bag. The only requirements are:

  • It must be outside.
  • It must be within 30 feet of the city sidewalk, on a driveway, lawn or open area.

It can be in a fenced area as long as it can be accessed by crane.

Step 3

Fill it up. Whenever you want, however you need and with whatever* you like.

* We are an environmentally friendly company and recycle as much as possible. But we need your help with certain materials. There are some items not accepted in the Ninja Bags or class III landfills. Please see which items here in the FAQ section.

Step 4

Request removal by phone. It’ll be picked up within 3 business days.