Who We Are

An inexpensive and environmentally friendly option for residential construction, yard waste and almost any odd job you may have.

Easy to Use

Simple to use and made for your convenience.


A no-hassle waste collection system starting from $209.

Grab some Bags

Order your Ninja Bag online or pickup at your nearest retailer. It’ll be at your front door within 1-2 business days.

Fill It

Fill it up. Whenever you want, however you need and with whatever you like.


  • 3 convenient sizes (Sensei, Warrior, Sumo)
  • Better alternative to full size dumpster bins

Schedule a PickUp

Request removal by phone or online. It’ll be picked up within 3 business days.

  • Call 1-844-99-NINJA (1-844-996-4652)
  • Contact us by email

Watch how our League of Ninja’s save Hopeville City from the evil Junk and Waste. Tune in to see how they can clear out the waste without a trace. Don’t be a hostage to the trash and call the Ninja’s today!